Drinking pure, clean water is necessary for enjoying optimal health. The Aqua health care counter top water dispenser and cooler makes drinking your daily recommended amount easy with simple push-button taps. Great for office spaces, utilize the lightweight unit to access water just about anywhere, without the inconvenience of filters or the waste of water bottles.

Thermoelectric Design
The Aqua health care countertop water cooler and dispenser features thermoelectric cooling using the Peltier effect to cool water without a noisy compressor. Enjoy whisper-quiet operation ideal for placement in an office, nursery, or library.

Easy Clean-Up
The removable drip tray catches any excess water, so spills are always fuss-free and collected water is easy to empty!

The WD29EC dispenses cool and cold temperature water to suit your personal taste and accommodates standard three- or five-gallon water bottles.

Space Saving Size
The Aqua health care countertop water dispenser and cooler brings convenience to your daily routine. With a condensed design, stay hydrated by enjoying a refreshing glass from your own desk!

Indication Lights
The Aqua health care cooler has yellow and green indicators that light-up when the water reaches ideal temperatures!

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