Model: Open flow

Dimension: D 210 X W 480 X H 540

Mode: Hanging / Under the Sink

Multi Stage: PP, GAC, CTO, RO Membranes, Post Carbon

Filtration System:

Stage 1: PP Fiber Filtration 
Functions: filtering sand, rust, mud, sediment, etc. in water. 

Stage 2: Granular Active Carbon Filtration 
Functions: removing bad smell and filtering organic sediment in water. 

Stage 3: Block Active Carbon Filtration 
Functions: completely removing bad smell in water. 

Stage 4: UV (UV tube, hole diameter: 0.01 Micron) 
Functions: filtering germ, virus, corpuscle, other solute and chemical from tap water processing. 

Stage 5: In-Line Post Active Carbon Filtration 
Functions: Adjusting filtered water tats, keeping water fresh. 

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