Technical Specification

Flow Rate

15 Lit/Hr. approx

Inlet pressure

0.5 kg/cm2

Rejection of TDS

90% Approx

Elect. supply

220V + 10% 1Ph AC

DC Booster pump

24 Volt DC

UV Lamp

11 watts

RO Membrane

75 GPD

Storage capacity

8 litre

For converting hard water to drinkable soft and sweet water


  • Drinking water will be sweet and tasty.
  • Required minerals will be retained for good test.
  • Compact in design.
  • Counter top model required less space.
  • Membrane plus UV is equal to double purification.

Operation Principle

Why Aqua health care Ro water purifier?
Aqua health care RO removes physical impurities, bacteria, virus, hardness, excess salts, heavy metals, chemicals and harmful minerals like arsenic, fluoride and lead.

Aqua health care RO uses reverse osmosis membrane based technology which has been proven to be the most effective water purification process worldwide.

UV System in RO

  • To make your drinking water sweet and retain essential minerals which are useful to our human body.
  • After filtration and before membrane, small % of water is passed to UV system for removal of bacteria and virus and to retain the minerals. This water will be connected to the outlet of the membrane water combined water will be stored.
  • Control valve is provided to control % quantity of water for mineral requirement and test.

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